Resetting a Siemens WM16S series machine after F43 error / Nulstilling af Siemens vaskemaskine efter F43 fejl

OK, I could actually google this, but it took two hours, and the solution was in Dutch, on a German webpage, so I am writing this down in English and Danish in the hope that others may benefit from it in the future.

I have a Siemens washing machine from the 16S series (WM16S – there may be a sister series in Bosch). These machines may fail with an F43 error in the display. This is related to the motor, and may be that the motor needs new brushes (kul in danish), the Tacho (feedback mecanism) is broken, wiring or the motor control board. Most likely for a 6-7 year old washing machine is the brushes. They are relatively cheap, and how to change them is well known on the internet. (Do a youtube search : Biggest challenge is getting the electrical clips off, they are tiny to my clumsy fingers!).

However, after changing them, you still need to reset the machine. Various methods exists to do this, depending on the machine. Here are the exact steps needed to reset this particular model series (the WM16S series):

  1. Turn off the machine (dial to 0)
  2. Open the door
  3. Turn on the machine on first program
  4. Close the door
  5. Turn off the machine
  6. Turn on the machine on the “six-o-clock” program, which is centrifuge
  7. Press the “option down” button and keep it pressed (This is the button left of the display)
  8. Turn the dial to “seven-o-clock” (empty/pump out program)
  9. Release the “option down” button
  10. Turn of the machine

This should reset the machine, and if everything is allright, it should work. If it does not work after changing the brushes and resetting it, something else is wrong, most likely the motor control board, or if the motor it very scarred, the motor it self.

Here is the same steps in danish, in the hope that this may benefit some danes.

Det er om Siemens vaskemaskiner mere specifikt dem fra WM16S serien, og det handler om at nulstille efter en F43 motorfejl, hvor man f.eks. har skiftet kul. Her er de skridt man skal igennem:

  1. Sluk maskinen (programvælgeren til 0)
  2. Åben døren
  3. Tænd maskinen, f.eks. på program 1
  4. Luk døren
  5. Sluk maskinen
  6. Tænd maskinen på programmet kl. 6 (centrifugering)
  7. Tryk på “option ned” pilen, lige til venstre for displayet, og hold den inde
  8. Drej programvælger til kl. 7 (et skridt med uret, til udpumpning)
  9. Slip “option ned” pilen
  10. Sluk maskinen

Jeg håber det virker for dig!

And, in dutch and german -i Think:

… Machine uit – Maschine aus
Deur open – Tür auf
Machine aan – Maschine an – “hab einfach das erste Programm genommen”
Deur dicht – Tür zu
Machine uit – Maschine aus
Draaiknop op 6 uur zetten – “Programm 6 Uhr” auswählen
Optieknop pijltje naar beneden indrukken en ingedrukt houden – Pfeil Taste “nach unten” links vom Display drücken und halten
Draaiknop naar 7 uur zetten ( 1 stand verder dus) – Programm 7 Uhr wählen – also einfach ein Programm weiter drehen
Loslaten – die Pfeil Taste wieder loslassen
Draaiknop op machine uit – Maschine ausschalten


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15 Responses to Resetting a Siemens WM16S series machine after F43 error / Nulstilling af Siemens vaskemaskine efter F43 fejl

  1. John says:

    Thanks a lot for this instruction! It made my day. I shifted the brushes on our washer machine but the alarm was still there, until I rested it using your instructions. Splendid! (By the way there is a typo in the english version. Point 8, it should read seven-o-clock and not six-o-clock. :-))

  2. madsdyd says:

    Glad it was of help, and you are right, there was a typo, good thing you figured it out, and I have corrected it now. Thanks!

    Also, I hope you found this page more easily than when I had to google 🙂

  3. Marius Gilbert says:

    Thanks a lot, this worked perfectly for us too…

  4. madsdyd says:

    You are welcome, and I’m happy for you 🙂

  5. tnnmdk says:

    hello i have problem with wm16S770ND serie , i have change complet display board , but when i turn on can’t setup everything lock how i can reset this .hope some one can help

  6. Danny says:

    I have used this to reset Siemens WI12S140GB/18 control boards all the other web sites failed to mention you mad to do this when changing the motor brushes

  7. Zurlia says:

    Hello, I hope you can help me. I have WM16S740AU18, I need to reset the individual setting (stored washing programme: Memory M1 and Memory M2) because I made mistakes during programming.

    Thank You

    • madsdyd says:

      Zurlia – AFAIK you should just run a new program om M1 and/or M2 to reprogram them…

  8. Simao Coelho says:

    I have the same problem, some tips are different by model. in my case f43 is brushes , so i replace it and reset error Code with Following;

    1 Turn off Machine
    2 Close the door
    3 Select SPIN / Rinse ( 6 o’ clock position )
    4 Press and Hold v options button on display
    5 without release the v button select Drain Program ( 7 o’ Clock Position )
    6 Now test mode entered.
    7- ONLY IF YOU WANT ( Select 4 on menu with v if want to test motor and press Start )
    8 Select 0 Position on program to turn off machine

    now its ready! enjoy

  9. Kaien says:

    Fantastisk! Akkurat det jeg trengte. Hilsen Kaien i Norge

  10. Heinz says:

    Thanks a lot! I had changed the brushes and error 43 was still blinking…
    And now: My washing machine is still alive…
    Best wishes from Austria!

  11. Gthor says:

    Thank you very much. this article was a great help. f43 error ket on coming until I found out to enter temp down # last error f43 #
    Then the controller cane alive.

  12. Tom says:

    Thank you very much for this instruction. This was exactly the hepl I needed after changing the brushes.
    Thanks alot and best wishes from Austria

  13. Co says:

    Thanks brilliant!!!

  14. Mathew says:

    Hey there How are we guys? Ive got a Siemens S 16-74 front loader machine purchased in 2009. I have just had the F43 error occur. Now my washing is stuck in there. I followed instructions in manual to get drain detergent and clean pump housing at the front, to enable me to activate the emergency cord. Now it says pull red emargency tab with tool. I tried by hand but it doesnt appear to be releasing. Any pointers. Cheers

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